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Smithsonian Speaking Engagement

"Birth of a Corporate Pop-up Book" was presented at the Smithsonian Libraries Exhibition Gallery, National Museum of American History, Washington DC, on April 18, 2011.

The Birth of a Corporate Pop-up Book video is seen at YouTube

Rube Goldberg Book is Now Here!

For many years, followers of my work have asked "When is your Rube Goldberg book coming out?".

From the moment I discovered paper engineering I realized that Rube's art would be the perfect choice for a book of movable scenes, with a Goldberg invention drawing on the front, and a large window on the back through which my moving paper mechanisms could also be viewed.

This vision has been realized in the form of a movable cover for the new Abrams ComicArts title: "The Art of Rube Goldberg". I'm honored to be a contributor to this collaborative effort from some extraordinarily talented people, starting with Rube's granddaughter Jennifer George.

"The Art of Rube Goldberg"  is the definitive book on Rube's life and work, from his legendary invention drawings and his Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoon to his whimsical sculptures, with lots of never before published images. Order your copy today!

For more on the Smithsonian Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn Exhibit, look here

Art and Engineering in the World of Benjamin Franklin

The event, in the History Museum auditorium, is free with admission; Sundays are free to NM residents.

The event begins with a special showing of the Academy Award-winning movie HUGO in the museum auditorium, followed by a slide show that vividly conveys in imagery and video, my connection to the book that inspired the movie, and the automaton restoration that I conducted upon the heels of the book's success.

“It’s funny how that particular automaton, that creation of Maillardet’s, gets into the psyche. There’s a creative force in this piece, what most would call an inanimate object. Because it extends so far beyond the realms of what a strictly utilitarian machine might possess, the force seems to be more indelible and omnipresent. So here all these years after its creation, it speaks to us and has some very interesting things to say; things about its maker and the care that he lavished on its every detail. Despite all of our technological advancement, it’s remarkable that we can still be affected and charmed by this 200-year-old assemblage of brass and steel.”  -AB


NEW MEXICO HISTORY MUSEUM Santa Fe Sunday January 19, 2014 1pm to 4:30pm